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SuperWire Assistive Technology offers beginning, intermediate or advanced education and training to further the knowledge and capabilities of individual using assistive technology. Our comprehensive training is offered as on-site or remote opportunities in hourly increments.

Each training session:


  • is customized based on the needs of the assistive technology user and their particular learning style and skill
  • is designed with an organized approach to taking notes and reinforcing critical points
  • includes real-world applications and hands-on experience

Our Text-To-Speech Training Services may include, but are not limited to the following options:

  • general setup and installation
  • scanner compatibility and information
  • mobile and tablet device compatibility
  • screen reader compatibility with JAWS and Window-Eyes
  • using reading features, including reading speed, reading unit, and voice options
  • access word support and reference tools to build vocabulary and improve decoding skills
  • using writing supports, such as talking spell checker and audible typing
  • access and read existing digital materials and internet resources



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