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ZoomText Training Services – SuperWire AT

Training Services ZoomText Training Services

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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SuperWire Assistive Technology offers beginning, intermediate or advanced education and training to further the knowledge and capabilities of individual using assistive technology. Our comprehensive training is offered as on-site or remote opportunities in hourly increments.

Each training session:

  • is customized based on the needs of the assistive technology user and their particular learning style and skill
  • is designed with an organized approach to taking notes and reinforcing critical points
  • includes real-world applications and hands-on experience

Our ZoomText Training Services may include, but are not limited to the following options:ZoomText Magnifier

ZoomText Magnifier will enlarge and enhance everything on a computer screen with perfect clarity, making all of applications easy to see and use.

ZoomText Magnifier Training may include identifying the various components of the ZoomText User Interface, understanding a Zoom Window, adjust the ZoomText magnification, adjusting the type of Zoom Window, adjusting and enhancing screen and text color options, learning View Locator, learning TextFinder, and mouse, cursor and focus enhancements.

ZoomText Magnifier/Reader

ZoomText Magnifier/Reader includes all the great features of Magnifier and will additionally read aloud anything on your computer screen.

ZoomText Magnifier/Reader Training will show users how to enable and disable ZoomText speech, adjust the rate of ZoomText speech, and change synthesizers to accommodate personal preference. In addition, an explanation of what hotkeys are and why they are useful to ZoomText users will be addressed. A thorough outline of AppReader, DocReader and SpeakIt features will be taught.

Advanced classes will cover customization and configuration of ZoomText Magnifier/Reader by addressing Typing Echo, Mouse Echo, speech verbosity, Tracking, Alignment, Mouse Settings, Panning Settings, Program Settings, User Interface Settings, Windows Settings and Application Settings. Users will also learn how to ZoomText on the web, with other popular applications such as Outlook and Adobe Reader, and using the Background Recorder and ZoomText Camera.

ZoomText Fusion

ZoomText Fusion provides the features and benefits of ZoomText Magnifier/Reader plus a complete screen reader. Fusion is perfect for individuals, who over time, want a smooth and safe transition from magnification to full screen reading as their vision changes.

ZoomText Fusion Training will include an overview of ZoomText Magnifier/Reader as well as in depth instruction on the 12 new features that differentiate ZoomText Fusion from ZoomText Magnifier/Reader:

  • Browse Mode
  • Page Navigation
  • Tutor Mode
  • Fusion Support for Touch Screen Devices
  • Fusion Special Application Support
  • Learning Center
  • Pronunciation
  • Setup Wizard
  • Easy-to-see, Easy-to-use Installer
  • Fusion Braille Support
  • Fusion Complete Screen Reading
  • Vocalizer Expressive Voices


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