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Training Services – SuperWire AT

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The SuperWire AT Assessment, Support & Training Programs

SuperWire Assistive Technology is a full-service assessment, support and training provider for both Assistive Technology professionals and end-users. Our team works with you to develop the right training and support programs – on-site or remotely provided – to maintain all hardware and software investments. Call us today at +974 55309037 for more details.


Simplified Service

Our specialists resolve issues more quickly to help save time, resources & costs


Increased Flexibility

Find us anytime, anywhere with customizable options suited to any need or ability


One Point of Accountability

Prevent downtime with proactive first-rate service from a single, trusted provider

Support Program
Our customized support program helps ensure the skills of Assistive Technology users are relevant and productive and that every client is able to manage and maintain their most critical system. From simple fixes to end-to-end support capabilities, our best-in-class infrastructure ensures top-of-the-line technical support that will also facilitate a positive return on investment and performance results on every product. 

Each support session:

  • occurs over a toll free call with a trained support team member
  • is resolved the same business day to prevent client downtime
  • includes verbal step-by-step instructions on how to solve pertinent technical issues
  • transfers all support documentation including emailed support instructions, quick start guides or comprehensive user manuals
  • may utilize TeamViewer for advanced cases whereas a support professional will instigate remote access to any workstation

Looking to connect with a Support Team Member for remote support with TeamViewer? Connect by clicking the TeamViewer icon below. Please note: only use this service when asked to by a Support Team Member. This link will take you to the external TeamViewer website.

Assessment Program
As a leader in ergonomics and injury prevention, SuperWire Assistive Technology is proud to offer full coverage capabilities for onsite assessment services. Assessment services specific to ergonomics are also available virtually in order to provide immediate and ongoing intervention at a lower cost. These 1:1 services are provided by certified and credentialed assessment specialists.  Please call +974 55309037 for more details. 

Training Program
SuperWire Assistive Technology offers beginning, intermediate or advanced education and training to further the knowledge and capabilities of individual using Assistive Technology. Our comprehensive training is offered as on-site or remote webinar opportunities in hourly increments as both off the shelf and custom courses. Each training course is delivered by a certified Assistive Technology professional.

Each training session:

  • is customized based on the needs of the Assistive Technology user and their particular learning style and skill
  • is designed with an organized approach to taking notes and reinforcing critical points
  • includes real-world applications and hands-on experience

For details about our Training Programs, email our team at hello@superwireat.com, call us at +974 55309037 or visit us online at the training program of your choice below.


Office Hours


7AM – 5:30PM



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