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Autism & Communication
SENse Mini

The Integrex SENse Mini combines new technology with simple design to provide an affordable, fully portable system for use in schools or at home. Simple to operate, SENse Mini creates colourful engaging floor projections which respond and interact with body movement providing a complete sensory zone for those with limited movement.


Being the size and weight of a medium sized suitcase the SENse Mini can be moved easily from room to room, carried upstairs or transported by car.
The included integrated wheels make mobility between areas even easier. Integrex SENse Mini software projects multiple themes and images and incorporates built-in speakers for excellent audio effects.
Any image and audio file can be added to the many effects available enabling teachers or parents to design specific programmes for individual users. The SENse Mini can also be used as a stand alone DVD player, projecting onto the wall, to create a spontaneous activity zone for children. SENse Mini has a maximum projection size of 109cm x 143cm (180cm diagonal) A full training manual and telephone support is included.

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